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Blue Series Freeride wheels

Blue Series Freeride wheels

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Most are familiar with the origin story of the Blue Series, but for those that aren't lets lay out the not-so-humble history.

In January, 2014, Sydney rider Rob Laing, on a set of first production batch Blue Series he had ridden for only a few hours the day before, threw out a 200ft or 61m standup at Sydney's Thane Destroyer, annihilating Liam Morgan's famed 180ft world record (previously Ryan V.'s). This was followed this up 2 years later with a 220ft monster topped off with a shuv-out for the haters. The record remains to this day.

Simply put without rambling on about polymer chemistry, you will not find another wheel that provides, for the amount of slide, as much control, predictability and consistency, as our Blue Series thane.

This all said, the Blue Series maintain an extremely alive, chalky textured and natural feeling slide. Whether you are a new or experienced rider, the Blue Series will make freeride progression easier and more satisfying than ever. They come with a stone ground surface and large rounded outer lips making for effortless slides straight out of the box.

The Blue Series also make a great choice for shorter hybrids or cruisers due to the thane's excellent roll speed and stable grip/slide characteristics across different surfaces.

Product Details

Formula: OG
: 78A
: 70mm
: 42mm
: Offset
Contact Patch
: 32mm
: Freeride
Wheel Surface
: Stone Ground
Lip Profile
: Round

Set of 4 wheels.

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