Aces Freeride Wheels





Our new ‘Aces’ freeride wheels are designed to complement the original Blue Series, bringing you our world record breaking urethane in a tweaked form factor. The Aces’ revised core and lip profile maximise roll speed and predictability in the transition from grip to slide, with the white urethane pigment giving the slide a unique new feel. Learner or experienced rider, the Aces are excellent for learning new tricks and pushing limits on what you’ve already got down.

The Aces come stone ground and are centerset with a graphic on both sides.

Set of 4 wheels.


2020-09-01: Out of stock due to covid related supply chain delays and increase in orders. Expect to be back in stock by November. Leave your email on the Blue Series page form to be notified when they’re back!

Out of stock




Formula: Original (White)

Height: 72mm

Width: 43mm

Contact Patch: 30mm (When new)

Discipline: Freeride, Commute, Freestyle

Wheel Surface: Stone Ground

Lip Profile: Round Inner and Outer Lip

Durometer: 78A ( You wouldn’t believe it. )